Collaborative Short Story: Chapter 1

The Virtual Red Couch is hosting a collaborative short story project. Each week, a new author will continue the story. Check back every Monday to see how the story unfolds! Chapter 1 Written by Emily Simon “Are you sure there’s nothing I can help you with, Emma, before we close?”  The tone of voice clearlyContinue reading “Collaborative Short Story: Chapter 1”

Ordinary Life Goes On

Dr. Kelly McFallProfessor of HistoryChair of the Division of Humanities My friend Gale passed away last week.  My favorite memory of Gale is of a moment in church a couple years ago. I’m active in my church and often lead parts of the service.  That Sunday I was leading the prayers of the people.  I’dContinue reading “Ordinary Life Goes On”

Parenting During a Pandemic

Dana BeiteyContent Marketing Coordinator Here’s to all the parents out there. Whether your children are newborn beauties or full-fledged adults, parenting during a pandemic is something, isn’t it? OK, so maybe we aren’t “parenting” our adult children, but they will never stop being our “kids.” Regardless of their age, we still worry. We still wantContinue reading “Parenting During a Pandemic”