NU’s Sacred Heart Hall Room 222

Sister Charlotte Rohrbach, ASC
Director of Mission Effectiveness
Professor Emerita of History

It’s Friday, 3/27/2020, and I’m here at the university because this is the computer I am using for zoom meetings and any work I am doing while we are all keeping safe during the covid-19 pandemic facing us around the globe and in particular in our normal life as part of the Newman University Community.  My office is in SH Hall, currently this room is the office of mission effectiveness and is assigned the #222.  I share a few thoughts and realities from my life about this office as today it protects me and keeps me safely distanced from others and hopefully not being a carrier of this virus.

                In September, 1958, this was the office of the Academic Dean (chief academic officer).  I arrived on Sunday because my family couldn’t come on Monday when I was assigned to check-in at the residence hall, located at 204 W. 18th Street.  We also had to meet with the Dean so I could enroll in my classes.  How impressed we were that administrators took time to make this all happen and so appreciated that “community feel”.

                When I was in my final semester as a senior, I was notified by the then academic dean that I needed to see her immediately.  I was informed that I had disrespected one of my instructors and I needed to take care of this matter or I would not be approved for graduation in 1962.  I did graduate in 1962, so obviously I ate humble pie and took care of the matter.

                By the time I came to work here in January, 1975, this room housed adult learning and then university relations – I think it was in that order.  I did have times I needed to approach the staff who worked in this office, but it only happened a few times a year.  I can remember some conversations, but I don’t recall anything controversial or life-threatening.

                Since 222 is close to the president’s office, during the 1980s I recall that the office often changed its staff due to the directives of the president.  In 1990 it became the office of the alumni director; I’m positive of this since I was that person.  I still remained a professor of history and did teach a class or two while serving as alumni director and began my life as a fundraiser on the advancement team.  When I left the university in 1996 to serve in leadership for my religious community, Adorers of the Blood of Christ (ASCs), it was still the alumni office but changed quickly as advancement moved to third floor where it is housed today.

                When I returned to Newman in 2001, I was officed in other areas of Sacred Heart Hall for a few years.  By 2003 I was again assigned to this same space serving in positions requested by the president.  When a new president was hired in 2007, she found me tucked into a room on the ground floor where I once again was asked to assist the Advancement Team as a fundraiser and other duties.  The new president, Dr. Carrocci, moved me out of my little ground-floor room to second floor, room 222.  And I’m still here today.  This is a cozy office and do wonder who will occupy it in the future.

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