By Steven Nguyen
Newman University Student

Twinkle twinkle little star
Was that glimmer in her eyes
So bright it would shine

A well of love for everyone to draw from
With only a thank you needed in return
So much depended upon this priceless pearl

Until the well ran dry,
The clam was left barren
And darkness.

Believe it or not, I wrote this poem during a 5-hour stationary bike practice about two weeks ago. I know, harsh right? During the practice I reflected on my own feelings and in a way took inventory of my mental state. I felt drained, tired, and unfulfilled as I went out of my way to assist others in whatever service needed to be done. But I believe the truth of the poem still rings true in times like these. Uncertainty and constant fear that may be fueled by news of a new case of corona does indeed drain us. But the purpose of the poem was to incite thought. Although we find ourselves currently in a state of uneasiness, how are we going to overcome the darkness and continue on?

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