Oreo Commercials

By Murphy Obershaw
Newman University Student

My favorite commercials are Oreo commercials, especially the two OREO Wonderfilled Anthems.

The lyrics for the shorter one are “Wonder if I gave an Oreo to somebody out there who I didn’t know.  Would they laugh after I’d gone? Or would they pass that wonder on? I wonder how it’d change your point of view if I gave one to you.”

Both commercials are about wondering how the world will change if you show someone kindness.  They could think you’re weird or they could be inspired to show another kindness. The longer commercial is very similar to the shorter one, but it actually gives examples of how stories could change.

I love everything in these commercials from the message in the lyrics, to the Owl City music, to the stories it tells, to the animation they use with it.

Yes, the goal of this commercial is to sell Oreos, but they are also using their commercial platform to encourage people to be kind to one another, and I think that’s pretty cool.

I think we should definitely listen to what this commercial says, especially in times like these.  So many people are stressed out and anxious, but imagine how things would change if they experienced kindness from another.

Maybe don’t go around handing out Oreos to people because the middle of a pandemic is not the time to be touching other people’s food, but there are other things you can do: talk to an old friend on the phone, pray evening prayer with your family, make a movie with your siblings or write a story for your friends.  If you really want to share Oreos, then do grocery delivery to your friend’s house, so they can have their very own package of Oreos.

These people could think what you are doing is weird or it could inspire them to be kind as well and maybe even ease some of the stress they may be experiencing.

You can watch the other Oreo Wonderfilled commercial here.

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